The Empire of Pan

The Pan Empire is an ancient empire that dominates all of the known world. It is divided into 9 city-states/provinces that are ruled by local racial potentates titled based on the distinct racial cultures that populate those regions. Dwarven lords hold sway in Ungart; Elven kings in Amastacia; Hafling selectpersons in Tosscobble; Human chevalier’s in Marivaldi; Gnome prime ministers in Murnig; Tiefling lords in Pelaios; Genasi of Lux are ruled by proconsuls; Aarakocra of Aur by aeries; and Goliaths overlords in Ogolakanu—yet all swear allegiance to the Moon Empress of Pan, Celeste the XII, a human woman raised from the ruling monastic tradition which bore her predecessors; the Order of the Moon.

Clearly the Order wields much power both behind the political scenes and in the operation of the Empire’s government and military forces, often with monks serving as generals and police officials. But this Order has maintained the peace amongst these nine races for millenia and has kept the forces of evil at bay throughout with this united approach. Each of the nine races maintains standing military forces that serve at the pleasure of the Empress.

The allegiances and animosities of the races track those with what you know generally—the drow and goblinkind are evil; elves and dwarves do not mix well but when push comes to shove, they ally to fight common foes. Half races do not have independent states but have been known to elevate to positions of power within one of their racial lines, e.g. half-elves, half-orcs in Marivaldi.

The seat of power in the Pan Empire is located in Desiderata, a massive, sprawling ancient metropolis that spans both sides of the Allakon River, a majestic mile wide river that spans the entire continent of Pan. It is aptly named the “World’s Highway.” There is a natural deep harbor here in Desiderata and therefore historically a hub of river-based trade; as a result, commerce and culture have thrived here. There are 9 bridges span the Allakon, each representing one of the races.

Each of the Races have their preferred deities but all of these are represented in Desiderata, however Selune/Sehanine has special favor in the Empire of Pan due to the Order of the Moon’s prominence. There are strong ties between the two organizations.

Of recent significance is the recent quelling of a Tiefling rebellion in Pelaios. Origins of that conflict were believed to be of a Tiefling nationalist nature with firebrands fomenting rebellion against the centralized Empire—this is not a wholly unpopular sentiment among the races but on the balance it seems most races have accepted the wisdom of a united nation. A fragile peace now holds as the Order was able to negotiate the end of hostilities in Pelaios. Problems remain there however as Pelaios’ economy and people were shattered in the conflict. There are Tiefling refugees that are returning and its own government is struggling to maintain order and basic services to its once proud people.

The Empire of Pan

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