The Empire of Pan

Setting the Stage
Sam Lays out the Rules...

I’m thinking about creating a higher level campaign that I would run on a sporadic basis. It’d allow for more flexibility in terms of having a more variable number of players available, even with only 1 character.

This would give me a chance to sharpen up my DMing skills and a chance to play a game when the other two games aren’t possible to play to whatever reason.

Let me know who’s interested. 13th level characters. Faerun deities but Faerun is not going to be the campaign world. All races and alignments are available options. Each character may choose 3 common, 3 uncommon, 1 rare and 1 very rare magic item but must discuss the very rare item with me first.

A teleportation circle will be involved.

Let me also say that Hobbits are fair game but no Dragonborn. The latter do not exist.

Just a few random issues about this campaign—

1. I’m going to use the Speed Factor variant rules for initiative. See p 270 of DMG. At least I’m going to give it a try. We’ll see how it impacts playability. Could slow things down too much. Commiserate with this approach I’m going to be my usual cranky self when it comes to metagaming when a player is announcing his action for that round.

2. I encourage each of you to create one of your given magic items using the rules at p. 284 of the DMG. Obviously you need to get that with me.

3. I am going to allow the optional combat rule for Cleaving DMG p. 272, Injuries and Massive Damage. I don’t want to use Disarm or Mark.
If anyone has suggestions for other optional rules that they think would be interesting to explore, please chime in.

Each PC starts off with 7,250 gp.
could we use it to buy additional magic items?
Potions of Healing, yes and anything else found on the Adventuring Gear list at p. 150 of the PHB. Otherwise, no.


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